Our machine park allows an optimal production flexibility to respond to all requests of manufacuring :
a) A planetary vacuum 150L
b) A planetary vacuum 300L
c) A planetary vacuum 600L
d) A planetary vacuum 10L (driver)
For the production we have a daily production of*:
-2.1 T per day for emulsions under vacuum.
-10T Day on cold manufacturing ( foaming type and lotion)
* Depending of the load of the production planning, our daily capacity can be adapted. 

For emulsions machines are planetary vacuum autoclaves, with a production tracers (record operating protocols), it is on load cell ( integrated scale).
We use a powerful water production system, giving an almost sterile and pure water through a softener and osmosis system.

SOFIA COSMETIQUES occurs throughout the creation of your finished or semi -finished product, integrating every step of their implementation, the elements provided by the customer (raw material components, packaging, perfume) or by providing him, an industrial component of the finished product : Bulk  and / or packaging .

Our flexible offer suits to your needs, your business model :

  • Research and formulation development
  • Formulation and manufacture of your formula:

o Delivery in bulk

o Delivery in finished product

The objective is to provide you an efficient products that meet the highest quality standards (Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP - ISO 22716 ), with a level of service optimized.


We support you in developing your specifications, starting point for your project, to define the set of "basic specifications" taking into account the objectives of the product and the technical limitations.

This list is set in a collegial way with you, our Marketing division and the various services involved in product development: R & D, Production, Logistics, etc ...  
At this level of advancement, and in a spirit of global service, we can also advise you to choose the packaging:

  • Design and creation of texts of your packaging 
  • Printing and screen printing of packaging. 


Industrial Production

The transposition on an industrial scale is a stage that requires a large number of tests and adjustments to respect the data set defined in the specification and by the teams of Research & Development.

Range Management

A technical and sales binomal work together to ensure ongoing competitive intelligence and product compliance with their market and the various regulations. Ensuring the best value’s products or product lines, SO.FIA COSMETIQUES’s teams allow their customers to maintain leadership and gain market share.

This process ensures continuous improvement of product in terms of technical innovation, regulatory, quality and competitiveness.

Our Product Range

Hygien Products

Body hair

The Face

The Essential
Natural care
Daily care 


Hygien and fragrance
Body treatments
Spa & massage

Men Cares

The Basic
The Perfectors
The Bodies


The Essential
High protection

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