About SO.FIA Cosmetics

Société indépendante fondée à Mougins en 1989,
les laboratoires SO.F.I.A. Cosmétiques créent et produisent des soins de la peau, du corps et des solaires éco-responsables.
An independent company founded in Mougins in 1989, SO.F.I.A. Cosmetics creates and produces eco-responsible skin care, body care and sun care products. Our R&D team of 12 engineers and doctoral students, an industrial pharmacist and an innovation centre support French and international brands in their development projects for cosmetic ranges, fragrance range extensions and medical devices.
A modern ERP system and a certified production unit guarantee controlled delivery times by ensuring a Made in France production and a sustainable partnership.
Combining a fair price policy, a dynamic quality management system and a committed CSR approach, our know-how has been recognised in the cosmetics sector for over 30 years.

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Our long-term mission:

“A major player in the development and manufacture of cosmetic, hygiene and sunscreen products in the south-east of France, since 2015 we have implemented a CSR approach with a view to perfecting our processes and building our future by integrating this approach at the heart of our management strategy.

Because we operate in a sector with public health issues and having an industrial activity, we consider it our responsibility to act in favor of Sustainable Development by better taking into account our impacts, both socially and environmentally. By reducing our negative impacts and doing our utmost to increase our positive impacts, we will transform constraints into opportunities, in particular by emphasizing training, the development of the skills of our employees and innovation for eco-designed products. “

Dr. Alexandre DINGAS

CEO SOFIA Cosmétiques.


Key facts

Experts in care and beauty, we make your projects a reality.

Our CSR approach

Alexandre Dingas and the entire management team are committed to providing the necessary resources to implement and carry out the company's CSR policy. To this end, the CSR policy is carried out jointly by the Quality Department, internal ambassador, and the Sales Department, externally. The CSR team is thus responsible for relaying this policy to all of our stakeholders: Employees, Suppliers, Customers.

Domaines d’action prioritaires :

Eco conception

From the design stage, we take into account the environmental impact of our products and act on their entire life cycle with the following objectives:

  • Innover en anticipant les enjeux liés à la toxicité des formules cosmétiques, qu’il s’agisse d’un point de vue environnemental et de santé publique.
  • Privilégier les circuits courts d’approvisionnement, proposer des matériaux recyclés lorsque c’est possible et utiliser toujours plus de matériaux recyclables.
  • Privilégier des partenariats avec des imprimeurs certifiés FSC et des transporteurs engagés dans la réduction de leurs émissions de CO2.
  • Anticiper et intégrer les besoins prioritaires de nos parties prenantes : collaborateurs, fournisseurs, clients
  • Optimiser nos procédés industriels pour améliorer l’efficacité énergétique. Notre site de production et l’ensemble de nos process visent ainsi à réduire leur empreinte écologique, notamment grâce à des protocoles de fabrication économes en énergie et en eau.

Our laboratories, administrative and commercial services as well as our production site are grouped together and located within the eco-valley, a vast development project dedicated to the economic and sustainable development of the Nice Cote d’Azur metropolis.


Cosmetics, although clean, remain associated with the chemical industry, whose image is often perceived as polluting and potentially having potential effects on health and safety. Reducing the environmental impact is at the heart of our commitment. We are therefore gradually implementing a policy that meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. Our priorities are:

  • La réduction de notre consommation d’énergie.
  • La maitrise de nos cycles d’eau (consommation et rejet).
  • La baisse de notre consommation de matières premières et plastiques en lien avec notre politique d’éco-conception.
  • L’amélioration de la gestion de nos déchets (revalorisation, nouvelles filières etc.)

Human Resources Policy

Staff safety occupies a central place in our HR policy. Safety that involves training, prevention, but also the safety of all of our equipment. Consideration of feedback from the field, consistency of actions, exemplary management, must be the keys to ensuring the company’s constant progress in terms of safety.

If protecting the physical health of employees is essential, it is necessary to integrate the protection of mental health. We want the work environment to be synonymous with caring, sharing and accomplishment. To achieve this, our levers of action are: support for our managers, training and skills development for our employees with a view to maintaining their employability, as well as the development of new ways of working. In our complex markets, with multiple tensions, committed employees who know how to cooperate, and who are listened to, are essential to the general performance of the company.

Ethics and transparency

Nous écartons de nos formules tout ingrédient pouvant présenter un risque pour la santé humaine ou l’environnement en excluant l’utilisation de perturbateurs endocriniens, d’actifs écotoxiques et en procédant à des tests de biodégradabilité.

Parce que les connaissances dans notre domaine s’améliorent, certains ingrédients peuvent être remis en question et faire l’objet de débats. Ces ingrédients controversés sont souvent en cours d’étude et la règlementation peut évoluer.

Parce que certains n’ont pas d’équivalent en termes d’efficacité et de sécurité, nous accompagnons nos clients dans le choix des ingrédients et faisons appel à des experts toxicologues indépendants.

We are committed to promoting, implementing and continuously improving our CSR policy. All of these objectives are managed by a dashboard of indicators, a management tool that will be used to assess our progress and develop our actions.